Welcoming 2019

In just a few hours the clock will tick over to January 1st, 2019. After a wonderful week with people I love, I took today off work for myself. I will be dismantling the Christmas tree, and tangling the lights in anticipation of having to untangle them again next December. As I write this, I’m sitting on the balcony on a languid southern hemisphere summer’s day, listening to the chirps of cicadas, a distant television, and the ever present noises of the city.

2019 will be purposeful and filled with beautiful, extraordinarily normal moments; everything a good year should be made of. I want to keep my eyes open; to see the astonishing light in the dark, the ripples of calm in oceans of chaos. The glory in the mess.

I used to wish for easy years; ones that were painless and smooth. The older I get the more I come to realise that these things are beyond my control. It is up to me to grow into this new year, and all I can hope for is grace.

I will spend this year tending to my garden. Nourishing my body with the fresh, seasonal produce. I will share my cooking and the treasures I’ve grown with friends, old and new. I will take care, as always to embrace the gifts this planet provides for us, thus reducing my carbon footprint, hopefully even further. I will make considered choices as a consumer, with ethics and sustainability in mind. As always, I will go for regular walks in nature, collecting fallen foliage. I’ll continue to read poetry, and will draw from inspiration in every aspect of life. I will hold onto my usual slow morning rituals to ground me as I head into my days. Making my bed, inhaling my tea or coffee before the first sip, stealing a moment to reconnect with my breath, and the temple that sustains it. Speaking of, I want to treat my body better. It deserves more worship than harsh words.

In 2019 I will continue to experiment with making my own cleaning/beauty/skincare products. I’ll still sit on the balcony and write. I’ll get back into more regular and purposeful meditation. I’ll continue to marvel at the universe.

I guess you could say I don’t want to change much. Certain circumstances, of course, and I could write a list of those. But rather than changing the things I see, I’d like to continue to change the way I look at them. There are aspects of life that I can control and others that I can’t. My intentions are deliberate. I will spend 2019 opening up under the sun instead of wishing for the shade. Revelling in the storms instead of cursing about a forgotten umbrella. Trusting the moon on the nights I can’t sleep, when hers is the only face I see.

Will you join me in growing into 2019?

Happy new year.

Love, June X


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