The Word: Labyrinthine

Labyrinthine. adj

  1. of or relating to a labyrinth
  2. resembling a labyrinth in complexity

~~ Collins English Dictionary

David Bowie. The worm’s way home. A sewer system. Hidden roads winding underneath cities. A wandering stream. An overgrown path in the woods. The darting passage of a playful dolphin. A maze. All hospitals. Cities, viewed from above. A plethora of excuses. Ramblings of the homeless person on his usual street corner. Unexpected detours when Google maps has no alternative route. Getting lost on back roads. Trying to catch a gecko in your lounge. A tangle of trees, trunks, branches, roots. Limbo. The creative process. The patterns when you connect the dots on my skin. An anxiety spiral. The black tunnel of depression. The mind, even on a good day. In the depths of Siena, Diana, the elusive ghost river; winding and whispering, but never witnessed.

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