I think I hear you,

O dark moon goddess,

enchantress; cauldron keeper.

I think I hear you call my name.

The lake stirs with my restless mind

and I ask you, please

teach me your wiles, goddess.

Teach me to be fluid, to shapeshift.

Show me how to change with the seasons.

Remind me of my chameleon ways;

remind me of my power.


share your knowledge with me.

Tell me how you number the stars,

tell me how you know.

Oh, great mother, I can see another ending

in the tangerine sunset.

Your dark moon rises full,

and sinks with the persimmon sunrise.

You are the raindrops cleansing my skin,

again I begin,


I think I hear you calling my name.


~~ June Briar Kelsey


Cerridwen is a goddess in Welsh mythology. She is incredibly powerful; a fierce protector and a fearsome enemy. As the goddess of knowledge, she possesses wisdom and the power of prophecy. She is often linked closely to the moon. A shapeshifter, she is capable of transformation and urges you to do the same. She reminds us of cycles, of seasons, of rebirth. When Cerridwen calls your name, it’s time for change. 

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