I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for a while. A haven for my introverted self. Perhaps a haven for others like me, who create worlds inside their heads, get tipsy on poetry, covet language, love the weather, the seasons, and the magic of being alive in this vast universe. Sweet Briar cottage is a place for anyone who needs it.

Don’t get me wrong. I live very much in the present too. For a living I help people to heal their hurt. To assist them, especially children, to find words for their emotions. I believe that words are a weapon. They are a knife. They are a band-aid. They are an embrace. A barrier. We can build walls with them and we can knock them down. We just have to have the right ones.

In my line of work I give so much of myself. Without a daydream, without Sweet Briar cottage to escape to, I fear I would be reduced to a shadow. In the present moment I am connected, grounded. In my imagination I escape to recharge.

There is so much hurt in this world. So many people walking the earth, sitting next to us on the bus, in board meetings, in classrooms, in cafes, or hiding in their homes, who have lost their words. People who can’t describe their emotions, their experiences. Who can’t express gratitude, or anger. There are people everywhere who exist in a hollow space, who have lost their sense of self, their imagination, their vocabulary.

To those people, and to you, I extend a very warm welcome to Sweet Briar cottage.

May we all find new words and healing here.



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