Notes from under the night sky

Tonight the summer heat pressed against me. It's touch was unwelcome, invasive, sucking the sweat from my skin. I broke free and stood on the balcony, marveling at the pinks in the sunset; the birds heading back to their nests. As the sky darkened, I slipped out of the house in bare feet and stole... Continue Reading →

Empty Nest

There's been a chill in my bones since you walked away. It follows me, no matter how many layers I hide under. No matter how many walls I build. Mornings waking in a bare bed and the windows are frosted with the breath of the ghost who once lived here. Hands wrapped around a steaming... Continue Reading →

Welcoming 2019

In just a few hours the clock will tick over to January 1st, 2019. After a wonderful week with people I love, I took today off work for myself. I will be dismantling the Christmas tree, and tangling the lights in anticipation of having to untangle them again next December. As I write this, I'm... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Just a note to say thank you for following my brand new blog, reading my words and visiting Sweet Briar Cottage with me. I was working at the hospital this Christmas, as I have for the past several years. I grumble about it, but truly, it's a gift in itself. Firsthand I see the suffering... Continue Reading →

At the cottage

Today I find myself at Sweet Briar Cottage in the Southern Hemisphere. It's a blistering summer, the kind where sheets dry on the clothesline in under an hour. Where ice-creams melt before they've reached your lips, where your skin is a map of tan lines and sometimes the only option is to close windows and... Continue Reading →

The Note

The sound invokes an unexpected recollection of feeding a fire in autumn, as the crumpled paper smolders in my hand. Your words are bleeding  from shell fragments of saltwater tears: a blue watercolour; an ocean of sorrow. How long did it take you to write those two lines? I read them several times,    ... Continue Reading →

The Word: Labyrinthine

Labyrinthine. adj of or relating to a labyrinthresembling a labyrinth in complexity ~~ Collins English Dictionary David Bowie. The worm's way home. A sewer system. Hidden roads winding underneath cities. A wandering stream. An overgrown path in the woods. The darting passage of a playful dolphin. A maze. All hospitals. Cities, viewed from above. A plethora... Continue Reading →

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